St. Francis de Sales School Narengi

St. Francis de Sales School, Narengi is one of the most well-known schools of Guwahati. The website of St. Francis de Sales School has been designed in a comprehensive manner, taking into account all the needs and requirements of the school. Right from the admission details to the latest news, everything can be easily viewed by the visitors. There are different sections such as Home, About Us, Academics, School Life which give all the necessary information about the respective departments. The website is user-friendly and everything has been arranged in a systematic manner. It gives a broad overview of St. Francis de Sales School Narengi so that the visitors get an idea of the ethics, principles and the working system of the school. Also, the School Management Software, Desalite Connect, a product of Vasp Technologies, has been integrated with the website of the school. It contains all the important details about the students, teachers as well as the non-teaching staff. With their respective IDs and passwords, the authorities, the teachers and the students or their parents can log in and manage their accounts. From managing the attendance to the payment of fees, Desalite Connect takes care of every little task related to the administration of SFS, Narengi.