Madras Diabetes Clinic

Madras Diabetic Clinic is a clinic started by Dr. Sanjay Kishor, a well-known diabetologist from Assam. The ‘Home’ page only gives some basic information about the clinic and the doctor who started it. You can see some pictures there as well. The ‘About’ section is mostly about the doctor and his experience and achievements. The ‘Doctor’s Desk’ gives all the information as to how to visit the doctor and the whole procedure they would have to follow. The ‘News and Events’ page has newspaper clippings and information about various events conducted by the clinic. The ‘Facilities’ page mentions all the facilities that you can get at the clinic. If you want to take an appointment with the doctor, you can directly go to the ‘Appointment’ page and can leave your information and the time your prefer for your visit with the doctor. The ‘blog’ section is for articles. Finally, if you want to contact the clinic, just go to the ‘Contact’ page where you will get all the necessary information.