K.D. Group of Industries

The K.D. Group is a group of industries which make steel, cement and metallurgical coke products. The K.D. Iron & Steel Company, which comes under the K.D. Group, is the largest steel manufacturing unit of Northeast India. The website for K.D. Group has been designed in a way so as to systematically present all the information about the group to the visitors. For instance, the ABOUT section gives you a brief idea about what the K.D. Group actually is and what it does! Similarly, there are other sections such as PRODUCTS which highlights the products, XTech, TMT Bar and AAC Blocks, made by them and NEWS/EVENTS/ACHIEVEMENTS which is like a blog that has articles on all that they have achieved and also on all of their important events. In case one wants to contact them, one can easily do that by clicking on the CONTACT section! From the colour scheme to the overall look of the website, everything has been done keeping in mind the needs and demands of the group. The website is easy on the eyes and is user-friendly as well.