Go Wander

Go Wander is a travel blog by blogger Anupam Chakraborty where he shares his various travel experiences throughout the world. He is also a keen photographer and this blog highlights his love for photography. The website for Go Wander has been designed keeping in mind all the requirements of a travel blog. On the HOME page, one can see that all his posts are arranged from ‘newer’ to ‘older’ as it is generally done in blogs. There are different sections such as India and Asia which have the lists of places that he has travelled with his travel descriptions. Besides that, there are other sections which have descriptions of his trekking experience, festival tourism experience etc. The blog has been linked to his Facebook page of the same name and also his Twitter profile. His posts are given on the blog month wise. One can just click on a particular month and view all the posts that were uploaded on that every month. Everything has been arranged systematically to make the blog user-friendly.