What you need to know about moving office
By The House Removals

What you need to know about moving office

20 August 2019

Many moving companies offer an all-inclusive service, which also includes disassembling, packing and reassembling furniture. They can also take care of archives and computer tools for you (computers and professional printers).

Not to take these operations at the last minute, it is necessary to start a few weeks earlier, trying to limit the inconvenience for employees. The first operations will be emptying offices and packing everything that is not essential for daily business activity.

It's time to get rid of everything you no longer need or furniture that will be replaced. To speed up these operations, each collaborator will have to manage the elements of his competence, such as the client archive or the invoices, as well as the confidential data or files.

The move is thus often an opportunity to reorganize the entire bureaucratic apparatus and eliminate the superfluous or provide a restructuring within your teams and services. All staff must have at their disposal packing materials, moving boxes and bubble wrap for their work station and personal belongings.

It is also important to minimize waste. Before throwing away specific furniture or equipment, you can resell it to your employees or arrange a sale of equipment once your offices are emptied.

The day-day of moving company

At this stage, professional help is essential, especially for dismantling bulky furniture and transporting all cartons, as well as archives. Remember that professional printers or photocopiers need to be lifted by at least two people. House Removals Fulham will be able to carry out all these operations quickly and safely.

On the day of the move, the company's contact person, responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly, is required. He will supervise point by point the loading and will indicate to the operators which are the most fragile objects, the boxes containing the important documents and the computer tools. Ideally, all this information should be clearly indicated in the moving boxes.

Once everything is moved to the new premises, the movers will also arrange and assemble the various elements, in collaboration with the computer technicians to install the workstations.

Why rely on professionals for a business transfer?

The transfer of business requires many operations that must be carried out quickly, professionally and organization. The company's moving companies are able to guarantee a complete service, within the given deadlines. The movers are involved in the transportation, assembly, and disassembly of office furniture and are accustomed to the management of electronic equipment and machinery. The packaging is specific for the safe transport of your archives and files, you can also use the storage service if you want to temporarily store your documents or computer equipment in the best conditions. Not to mention, classic boxes and cartons, protections adapted to your electronic equipment, etc. Finally, movers are experienced and equipped to move particular items, such as safes, or heavy and bulky machines of industry type.

Communicate the change of address of your company

Do not forget to register the new address of your company with the commercial register of your business and to make sure that the transfer of address was made and anticipated: on all your documents, with your suppliers, your customers, etc. Install an automated e-signature to alert people about your business transfer and new contact information and have your staff contact their professional database (if feasible) personally so that they are aware of this change.

Advice from professionals to calmly plan your business transfer

To manage the transfer of your offices with confidence, follow the advice of our experts:

  • List the suppliers of equipment, maintenance and inform them of the change of offices;
  • Announce and communicate as soon as possible your move to your website, outside your building and your new premises;
  • Check that your internet is working in the new offices (throughput, network connection, employee access, etc.) and IT equipment;
  • Sort out and get rid of everything you do not need, such as obsolete documentation and materials (company brochure, business card, etc.) and try to scan as much as possible;
  • Make a general backup of your entire computer system and your work files. Invest if necessary, in new equipment or entrust this to an external company.

Save on moving expenses with House Removals Twickenham

Anticipating your expenses, evaluating your costs and controlling your budget is the best way to save money on the price of your business transfer. Knowing that office moves are particularly costly for a business, it is important to be sure to surround yourself with qualified and fully competent people to make this transition a success. Before entrusting this work to a company, compare the offers, services and services offered, evaluate the skills and experience of your future provider. To inquire, make an online quote request now for the transfer of offices, from movers specialized in this field and your region. Achieve real savings and up to 40% on the price for a company move.


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