How to Start A Blog A 5 Step Guide for Beginners
By Anne Balad

How to Start A Blog A 5 Step Guide for Beginners

13 July 2019

Want to have your own blogging site but don’t know where to start? There are a couple of factors why you may not have started that blog yet. Perhaps it’s the website you’re worried about since you do not know how to create one or manage the posts. Perhaps you do not know what to write about or you may think you’re not a very good writer. But these problems are all solvable, you need to lay the basics first and plan out your steps in order to have a good blog that people will visit and read about.

Here is an article of how to start a blog in 5 basic steps for beginners.

Create a website for your blog

The first step in starting a blog is to build a website. A good website is the foundation of a blog and thus, you need to have a website where blogging is made easy and you can write easily without having difficulties with the interface.

You can create a website using a website builder where no coding experience or technical kno-whow is needed. All you have to do is follow the building blocks of the website to create and edit your web pages, add business features, and other content.

hPage is a free website builder where you can upgrade your package to a premium site to enjoy the full benefits. Made for beginners and those who want to have a professional website done in minutes, you can fully manage your site all by yourself on hPage.

Planning Your Blog Content

Now that you have your website created, you should not start with writing right away. Plan your strategy for your blog first. You can do this by figuring out and strategizing the following:

  • Who is your blog’s target audience
  • What blog titles should you have
  • What should be the content in those blog titles or blog posts
  • What categories do you want your blog to have
  • What is your blog about

You need to think of these strategies first before launching your blog. That way, you have defined who your blog audience is and create content that is directed towards them. You can’t have a blog with no intended audience in mind. If your topics are too scattered, you would not have a solid audience to market your posts to.

Writing Blog Articles

When it comes to writing blog articles, the rules are these: Write for your target audience and write a blog post that will be of value to them. If you are starting out with a blog, people might not know who you are yet. This is why you need to provide blog content that people will want to read so they will keep coming back for more.

Moreover, your blog articles should be double checked before clicking the publish button. You do not want to have misinformation, grammatical errors, and typos when people read your post.

Links and Tags

Links and tags are very helpful when you create a blog post. This will help you with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your blog and will help you move higher in the search ranks when someone looks for a keyword related to your blog site or your blog post.

Links can be internal and external links and these are located on your blog posts. It helps to have both kinds of links because it is good for the SEO of your blog.

Internal links are links that link to other blog posts or web pages in your blog site. External links are links to other websites aside from yours. When doing external links, check if the site your linking is trustworthy.

Promoting on Social Media

Once you are done with building your blog, planning your future blog posts, and writing blog entries, you need to be on social media platforms to promote your blog and your blog posts. Make sure you have a niche where people will be encouraged to click on your posts.

Social media is also a good way to grow your blog organically. This means that you don’t need to pay for other services or platforms for you to promote your blog. You can also get genuine followers and readers on social media.



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