How to Generate Leads on YouTube
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By Vasptech

How to Generate Leads on YouTube

05 July 2019

YouTube has been the largest video-sharing platform in the world for quite some time now. Most of the videos that go viral are shared on YouTube first. Hence, it is a great way for content creators to reach a large audience with the minimum effort.


Also, videos attract people far more easily than regular written content. Thus, there are more chances of getting organic traffic on YouTube than any other social media site and also they tend to stay longer here.


However, YouTube’s potential of generating leads has not yet been fully tapped by online marketers.


Here, we have made a list of some of the easiest ways to generate leads on YouTube. Read on.


1. Optimization of content using the right keywords


Optimizing your content is a must to generate leads for your YouTube channel. Using keywords effectively is one of the simplest ways in which you can optimize your content. You can start by using the most popular keywords in the title of your videos as well as in their descriptions. Even though there is a YouTube search engine, other top search engines such as Google and Bing also index your content. Thus, with the use of the targeted keywords in your videos, you can show up numerous times in those search engines.


In addition to the optimization of videos, you also need to optimize your channel for the maximum profit. What you can do is to put the suitable keywords in the channel description. Also, you can add the links to your social media profiles in there so that your YouTube audiences get to know more about your business.


2. Create regular and useful content


Creating useful content on a regular basis is extremely necessary for YouTube marketing. The videos should contain information about your business, what services your provide and other relevant content. For instance, if you sell Ayurvedic beauty products, you can make a video on why Ayurveda is the solution to all skin and hair-related issues and then you can proceed to introduce your products to the audience. You have to keep making these videos at regular intervals to keep the interest of your visitors going. Also, you can make some videos where you answer the most common questions asked by them in the comment section. This would make them trust you even more and from visitors, they might soon convert into your loyal customers.


3. YouTube and Content Cards


YouTube cards allow you to share links to your website as well as other content created by you through a video. You can put around five cards during the running time of the video, which can be related to anything, a poll, some other relevant content made by you or simply your website. You can think of it as CTA or call-to-action, through which you can take your viewers anywhere you want.


Content cards are very similar to YouTube cards, in the sense that they can also help you take your audience to any other content video created by you. It shows up as an icon on the right of the screen, and once anyone clicks on it, it drops down and opens the content. So, your viewers can view both the original video and the related video together at the same time. Hence, along with the views on your current video, the views on your older video will also increase.


4. Ask your viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe


In YouTube, the more likes and comments your video gets, the more relevant it will be. So, towards the end of your video, you should always ask your audience to like, comment and share your videos. You can also comment on others’ videos related to your field so that people get to know you in the market. This would encourage them to comment on your videos as well. You should ask all your viewers to subscribe to your channel, as once they become subscribers, they will never miss a video of yours. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to generate leads on YouTube.


5. Collaborate with YouTube Influencers


Collaborating with YouTube Influencers is an essential part of YouTube marketing today. YouTube influencers are the big thing currently. Everyone listens to them, everyone follows them. They are celebrities in their own right. If a particular influencer belongs to the same field as you do, you should definitely partner with him/her and create videos. This would give you the opportunity to get access to his/her audience. So, in this way, you can bring more traffic to your channel. Besides this, people will also start seeing you as a sort of authority in your field.




The aforementioned points are some of the ways through which you can generate leads on YouTube. It is indeed one of the biggest online sites for lead generation today. Most people spend hours every single day browsing YouTube. Hence, having your own YouTube Channel can greatly enhance your business’ popularity. From making your website rank higher in search engines to sharing your videos across all the social media platforms, a lot can be achieved with YouTube today.


We hope that you found our list useful. We are certain that it would help you in generating higher number of leads for your business in the future.



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