Best Graphic Design Tools for 2019

Best Graphic Design Tools for 2019

10 June 2019

Graphic design tools are as essential for graphic designers as musical instruments are for musicians. A graphic designer can be extremely talented, but with the right graphic design tools, his talents can be put to even better use. With these tools, you can create a visual world by putting the colours and designs running in your mind out there.

Graphic design tools have been constantly evolving over the past few years. In order to stay popular in the market, you have to be proficient with most of these tools which are trending.

So, to make it easier for you, we have made a list of the best graphic design tools for 2019!

  1.  Computer

Computer is undoubtedly one of the most important tools for a graphic designer. While choosing one, you need to think about your specific needs more than anything else. iMac Pro or Microsoft Surface Studio are great choices. iMac Pro has a 32 GB Memory, a 27 inch 5K Retina Display and a 16-GB Graphics Card. No wonder it has always been a favourite with the graphic designers. However, Microsoft Surface Studio has been giving it a tough competition by introducing several sleek features. One can use it on the desktop mode and also as a tablet. However, if you are a little tight on the budget, you can go for any good computer which will serve your purpose.


  1. Smartphone

Can you imagine a world without smartphones today? Not really! Not at all! We all are dependent on smartphones for very many reasons. For graphic designers, it can be quite a handy tool as well. Most smartphones today have a lot of drawing and image editing tools and you can always download more into it. It always helps a graphic designer to get his/her work done on-the-go. Also, it can be used as a camera as well when you are out and you need to capture a certain image for your project. The iPhones are quite popular with the graphic designers when it comes to professional support.


  1. Software

Now, with the right computer and right smartphone, you need the right software to give expression to your imagination. So, let us look at some of the best graphic design software for 2019!


  1. spoils you with endless choices for fonts that would appeal to your vision. However, that is not the only thing that it does. One of its best features is that if you like a certain font and you want to mimic it, you just need to upload a screenshot of the text and it will immediately get you that font. Isn’t that great? You can either visit their website or download the WhatTheFont app on your phone. It has free fonts as well as paid ones. You can go for either depending on what you can afford at that point.


  1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, as a graphic design software, has been a reliable tool for graphic designers for a long time now. You can manipulate pictures with it any which way you like. From image analysis to video editing to 2D and 3D image manipulation, it offers a lot. You can always go for a free trial before buying it on To be honest, if you want to be a successful digital artist, you either have to know photoshop or you need to learn it as soon as possible.


  1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator CC is one of the best choices for professional graphic designers. There are so many tools available which can help one in creating logos, designs for websites, applications and many more such stuff. It is compatible with vector graphics which allows graphic designers to come up with amazing illustrations and designs. It has already built-in templates which lets designers work much faster. Also, the fact that it is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud makes it suitable for sharing projects easily with others.


  1. Canva

Canva is an online graphic design app that helps you create beautiful graphic designs. There is a drag-and-drop editor along with countless images and graphics to make as many designs as you want. Both beginners and professionals can use it as it serves both well. Canva can be used to make book covers, presentations, invitations, brochures etc.


  1. Monitor Calibrator

A monitor calibrator is used to make sure that the colours that you see on the screen are exactly the same as the colours that you would see when it gets printed out as brochures, magazines, pamphlets etc. If you want to invest in one, the best choice would be X-Rite i1 Display PRO. It is a bit expensive but trust us when we say it is definitely worth it.


  1. Studio Camera

Since you are in the business of creating and editing beautiful pictures and videos, you do need a DSLR to start with. Two of the best options that have always been a favourite with graphic designers are the Canon EOS and Nikon D-series. But, if you do not want to spend so much, you can always go for a cheaper but reliable option.


  1. Pencil and Paper

No matter what year it is and no matter how experienced you are, pencil and paper never go out of trend for graphic designers. It is the easiest way to put the designs in your head out into the real world and it can be done anywhere as well. Also, many believe that it helps in improving concentration and creativity.



Graphic designing is a competitive field. People are constantly honing their skills and trying to stay updated to keep with the ever-changing market. So, in order to keep up with all that, we hope that this article would help you to choose the right graphic designing tools in the future.


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