ssl certificate

The SSL certificate or Security Sockets Layer certificate are installed on websites to protect them from hackers or any other form of outside interferences. As soon as an SSL certificate is installed on a server, the URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS which suggests that the website is secure for any form of transaction. Now, there are primarily three types of SSL certificates. While all of them do the basic function of data encryption, they do vary in some ways. For instance, the amount of security provided by these certificates is not equal. Also, just like all mobile phones basically...

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SSL Certificate

The term ‘SSL’ is the abbreviation for “secure sockets layer”. An SSL certificate is basically a security system used by websites to protect confidential information such as bank details, credit card numbers etc. It establishes a safe connection between a browser and a web server by combining a cryptographic key to the data of a website. It is essential for websites for a number of reasons, most importantly, for maintaining our privacy and security. Now, let us see in details why we need SSL certificates for our websites! 1.It saves you from hackers As soon as an SSL certificate is put on a server,...

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