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hr management

HR Management or Human Resource Management is an integral part of school management. Although the HR professional is supposed to take care of all the responsibilities related to HR Management, as the school grows and becomes bigger, it becomes impossible for one to manage everything on one’s own. Hence, the HR Management module of the School Management Software can play a big role in making human resource management easy and hassle-free. From the recruitment of teachers to assigning regular tasks to them, it shares all the responsibilities of the HR manager. So, let us see in what more ways, the School Management Software helps in...

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staff management

Staff Management can be quite a taxing task for any institution. However, for the overall of the development of the school, it is imperative that staff management is given the attention that it needs. A school’s growth and development, in a large way depends on its employees. If the employees are satisfied and well taken care of, they are ready to work extra hard and give their best every time. The School Management Software, with its staff management module, can make staff management easy and effortless. In order to know how, read on. It stores all the information about the staff The School Management Software maintains all...

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student management

Student management can be one of the most difficult tasks of running a school, especially with a large number of students in every school these days. From managing all their details to keeping a track of their performance, it takes up a lot of time and effort. However, with the School Management (School ERP) Software, all of these responsibilities can be taken care of in the easiest and quickest of manner. The student management module of the School Management Software makes student management easy and effortless in a number of ways. So, let us consider some of the benefits of School ERP Software in making student management hassle-free! It maintains all the...

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