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Student management can be one of the most difficult tasks of running a school, especially with a large number of students in every school these days. From managing all their details to keeping a track of their performance, it takes up a lot of time and effort. However, with the School Management (School ERP) Software, all of these responsibilities can be taken care of in the easiest and quickest of manner. The student management module of the School Management Software makes student management easy and effortless in a number of ways. So, let us consider some of the benefits of School ERP Software in making student management hassle-free! It maintains all the...

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school erp software

Attendance management can be one of the most boring, yet one of the most necessary tasks of any organisation. For a teacher, to take attendance every morning in a classroom full of noisy students can be an extremely annoying and tedious job. Also, it is never possible to have a 100% accurate report in a manually managed attendance system. There might be cases of proxy attendance or the teacher not hearing someone’s voice clearly amidst all that noise. However, maintaining proper attendance records is of paramount importance as it reflects the efficiency of an organisation. The attendance records, if poorly maintained...

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