Desalite Connect

Desalite Connect is a customized ERP solution which has been designed to meet the requirements of all modern schools.

easy to use
Easy To Use

It has an attractive web design which is user friendly and can be used without any complications.

Productive & Efficient
Productive & Efficient

It has all the necessary data about the school in one place which makes the whole system a lot more efficient and effective.

Customization Ready
Customization Ready

It can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the school, so that they can derive the most out of it.

dedicated support
Dedicated Support

Our team will always be there to help whenever someone from the school needs any kind of support with the software.


Staff Management

It makes managing staff details easy and hassle-free.

Student Management

One can get all the details about the students here.

Report Management

All the reports are available at the click of a mouse.

Automated Time Table

It helps in preparing an error-free time-table and reduces paper-work to a great extent.

Messges & Notifications

It makes communication much easier between the students and the teachers as well as the teachers and the parents.

HR Management

It helps in the selection of candidates for various posts as well as manages their salaries, leaves, attendance etc.

Fee Management

It has all the details about the fee paid or pending, as well as the concessions that are given to the students.

Attendance Management

It maintains the attendance records of the teachers as well as the students.

Exam/Result Management

It manages all the exam/result related tasks such as seat allotment, assignment of teachers, publishing results online etc.

Certificate Management

It helps in the making of certificates for the staff as well as the students.

Library Management

It maintains all the library records, from the books issued to the fine paid by the students as well as the staff.

School Bus Management

It keeps a record of all the school bus related data such as the drivers’ numbers as well as the numbers of the buses and the routes taken by them.

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