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A sitemap is a guide to lead Google and other search engines through your website. It is basically a file which contains all the data about your website’s pages, pictures and videos and also lets the visitors know how each one is related to the other. It informs the crawlers about the important and relevant pages on your website as well as gives them added information such as the last update of a particular page and the changes made frequently. Here are some of the advantages of having a sitemap: 1.Sitemaps aid Google to find the right pages on your website If...

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school erp software

Attendance management can be one of the most boring, yet one of the most necessary tasks of any organisation. For a teacher, to take attendance every morning in a classroom full of noisy students can be an extremely annoying and tedious job. Also, it is never possible to have a 100% accurate report in a manually managed attendance system. There might be cases of proxy attendance or the teacher not hearing someone’s voice clearly amidst all that noise. However, maintaining proper attendance records is of paramount importance as it reflects the efficiency of an organisation. The attendance records, if poorly maintained...

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digital marketing

In this current age of smartphones and tablets, digital marketing has become the most important tool for promoting businesses, whether small or big. However, it is the small businesses that can benefit the most from digital marketing. But, before we discuss that, let us first understand what digital marketing exactly is. Digital Marketing basically means any kind of promotion done through electronic media. It can be on social media or by sending messages to potential clients’ mobile phones or in any other way using electronic devices. It is an easy way to get in touch with your customers by simply getting on the device in their hand. Now, let us see...

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card details

We often save our card details online without even knowing the risks associated with it. Be it for shopping or for applying somewhere, a credit card or a debit card always comes in handy. According to the website,, around 73.3% of the people who buy things online save their card details (credit or debit) while making the payment. However, there are quite a number of online frauds out there who steal your card details as you store it in there. This can be done in a number of ways, be it skimming which means copying the card information illegally...

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The word ‘framework’ generally means a kind of base for any kind of construction. In the world of web design and development, it basically means the same. What it does is to provide a sort of structure to begin the work on any website. It is made by compiling HTML and CSS and acts as a support for the web developers. The basic purpose of having a framework for your website is to have certain standardized codes which are common for any website. Thus, while building a website, one doesn’t have to start from the very beginning and can instead rely on these...

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