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According to many, technology makes people lazy and tarnishes their ability to think for themselves. They begin to rely too much on advanced search options like Google, Bing, MSN, etc. For small calculations, people pop open a calculator to “confirm” if their answer is correct. Is the technology all bad, though? The question that people of this age must be asking is how to utilize technology to enhance their productivity. If technology eases our work, then it must be able to help us achieve more in a lesser amount of time as well. Below are 5 of the most basic...

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Gaming laptop

Unlike regular laptops for everyday use, gaming laptops are exclusively meant for gamers. As such, it focuses mainly on the needs of users who play games on their laptop computers. There are numerous brands that offer gaming laptops in the current market. Which one should you choose? This is the million-dollar question to which you need to find an answer. Before forking out a hefty amount of cash, make sure you check out the features given below for a fair and square deal. Hardware Games with a higher resolution necessitate a greater power. Therefore, the hardware of your laptop should have a powerful...

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“According to a study by Accenture, it is estimated that the Industrial IoT business could add $14.2 billion to the economy by 2030; whereas General Electric says investment in it will reach $60 billion in the next 15 years.” The trend today talks about IoT a lot. Eventually, with time, IoT – Internet of Things has enjoyed out sizing growth predictions. It is already seen that IoT has its own share in driving organisational productivity and economic growth like nothing else. IoT revolution has paved way for all sizes of the enterprises, be it small, mid or large. It has immensely...

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Data security

To the digital era, the cloud has proved to be a big blessing. It enables storing of a large amount of information- messages, music, photos, videos, etc. with a limited budget. With the dawn of the internet, backing up data became much easier by storing it on the server rather than a hard drive. Also, data can be accessed using internet enabled devices. It is fascinating to know that the birth of the internet has made it possible to squirrel away a huge amount of data without buying extra storage devices like memory sticks or hard drives. Recently, with technological...

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