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Benefits of blogging for small businesses

Small businesses benefit from blogging in a number of ways. Businesses, in fact, have always been promoted through content creation since ages. What has happened now is that there has been a shift from print marketing and television marketing to digital marketing. It is not that those traditional ways of marketing do not exist anymore, but there is definitely more stress on promotion done online. In a world that has gone digital over the last decade, business blogs ensure you a strong web presence and also give you a platform to interact with your customers. To add to that, business blogs are inexpensive and help in driving more...

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Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing has always been an integral part of digital marketing. Over the past few years, it has constantly delivered the best results possible and has taken digital marketing to a whole new level, so much so that digital marketers give the most emphasis on adequate content creation these days. Through innovative and relevant content, one can build brand awareness as well as gain authoritativeness and the trust of one’s visitors/potential clients. While everyone is going for content marketing these days, it is also imperative to know how to use the most original content marketing strategy, so as to derive the maximum profit. As a matter of fact, a...

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Android apps

In today’s day and age, Android apps that boost productivity are our saviours. We always have so much to do in so little time. Be it work or kids or running errands, the pressure just keeps building on throughout the day.  We often feel bogged down with so much expected from us at every moment. The Android apps that boost productivity help in keeping our lives smooth and in maintaining our sanity. They give us all the information that we need and also let us connect with others whenever we want.  Work and personal life, both become much easier with these productivity apps around. So, out of all...

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Generate leads with SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most reliable ways of generating leads for your website. Although social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can bring you a lot of traffic, lead generation with SEO can be far more consistent, as people are constantly searching for things on Google, as well as Yahoo and Bing. Paid posts get you quick results, but SEO is a long-term strategy that will slowly and steadily build your position in the online market. Also, when you are just starting out and you do not have the budget for paid promotions, SEO can...

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Technology Trends

Over the years, our dependency on technology has grown by leaps and bounds. 2018 saw a number of technology trends ruling the business world such as automation, augmented reality and machine learning. Businesses that still hold on to outdated ways of technology will never grow up to their full potential. As a business, you will reap great benefits if you are supported by the latest technology trends. Small businesses, especially, have to be equipped with all the newest technology breakthroughs, else they would fade out from the picture sooner or later. 2019 is expected to be a revolutionary year as far as technology trends are concerned. It is supposedly going...

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