Personalized Website Designs And Their Merits And Flaws
By Lucy Zara

Personalized Website Designs And Their Merits And Flaws

06 September 2019

Customization is a broad concept and it is not only used for websites but also in the real-life. Every person needs customization so as to maintain a balance in life. Changing the curtains of the room, redesigning the car interior or customizing the assignment work by taking assignment help online, all are the examples for customization in daily life. So, the point is, customization is also done in the offline world which goes unnoticed.

What is Website personalization or customization?

Website personalization is all about providing the best of the online services to the customers. The services must be related to the purpose of the website for which it functions. Website Customization is changing the theme and designs of the websites which corresponds to the customer’s needs and specifications.

Why is website personalization important?

As the current world is the digital world, the customers over the world demand personalized digital services online sitting at home. So, various corporations, business enterprises over global boundaries are adapting website personalization as a corporate strategy to attract the number of customers worldwide.

But its quite arduous to convert the personalization services into digital terms. Website personalization has benefitted a lot to many companies, on the other hand, some companies face challenges while delivering this service to the customers as it has been surveyed by Adobe that time is the biggest hurdle that comes in the way of website personalization. Many corporates about 60 % are unable to customize and tailor the content of the website at scale and time has been figured out the responsible factor for this and it takes about 16 hours to form a personalized promotional add or content for a particular product. Not only this, the biggest problem is that 1/3 of the respondents will say that the content management system is properly coordinated and organized.

Diving into the phenomenon, let us see what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of the website personalization?

# Pro 1: Personalized Experience

One of the most enthusiastic experiences of website customization is it actually provides a great personalized experience to its customers. The customers get personal updates about new products and what are the changes done to the existing products. The websites suggest new products or services to the customers and will dictate the benefits the customers can avail from the products.

# Pro 2: Personalization provides great customers service

The websites customization offers great services to its customers. The online customized websites provide extensive services to its customers which helps in building brand loyalty among customers. The customers also feel secure to connect with the websites when they get the most authentic responses from the website developers.

# Pro 3: Revenue generating and increased loyalty

It has been surveyed that the websites which aim at providing the maximum customer satisfaction and answers all the problems of the customers will generate the high revenue margins and those who do not aim at providing the customer satisfaction will soon lose the brand loyalty. In the next 5 years, about $ 900 revenue is expected to be earned by those who are indulged in the retail, financial or healthcare services online and only those who will be aiming much at the customer contentment.

# Pro 4: Firmness and Frangibility

The customers love to read about something new and different on the websites and if the websites provide a range of new information with consistency on a regular basis, then it is apparent that the respective website will earn much higher profits and gather mass demographic traffic online. Good website design with the uniqueness of new information and facts provided daily to the customers can help in increasing the rush on the web platform.

# Con 1: Customers sometimes get offended

Sometimes the problem with the personalized webpages is that it offends the sensualities of the customers. For example, if the customer bought a pair of shoes on a website then the webpages will go on suggesting new shoes to buy to the customers. So, working with online webpages is quite a tricky and clever business.

# Con 2: It’s an expensive affair

As any website template is designed to target the mass of customers, so the website designer is supposed to spend money on so many prospects. As for instance spending money on building profiles or developing a database. Buying themes for the websites from theme-stories which can cost up to $ 100 also. In short, the website designer will have to incur a lot of expenditure on getting the website customized.

# Con 3: some customers find the online platform creepy

Sometimes the users feel creepy and weird when the websites use their personal information. Users don’t like when the websites get to know about them in-depth. The main cause of their insecurity is that anything wrong could not happen with them or their finances by sharing the information on the net. So the websites should offer them security procedures on how they can conduct their transactions online. The best thing the website owners can do is to be transparent in the information they get or store about the user and keep confidentiality of the data. For this, the website should be made secure with the SSL and HTTS so that the customers feel secure providing their personal information online.

# Con 4: Gradual and time-consuming process

Maintaining the functionality of a website and its progress is not an easy task. It needs a lot of efforts and therefore it is really a time-consuming phenomenon. The person who is going to set up a new website will need a lot of time to research about on what prospect his or her website will be based upon, then the procedure regarding how the website will work, the content management about the products and services it will offer to the customers or setting the theme and design of the website. Work doesn't start when a web page launches. Maintaining the pace in terms of customer’s demands and concerns is full-time work. Setting up a website needs excess revision and plenty of data. So, time is the biggest factor that can become a challenge for any website designer.


So, setting up a personalized customer-oriented website is a manual-hybrid miniature. If the person wants to for full-time personalization of the website, then the owner will have to develop a full-time team to enhance the functionality of the web page so as to engage the fresh and remarkable crowd of customers.



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