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Exam management

Exam management is one of the vital aspects of running a school. If there is a school, there would be examinations. It is as simple as that. However, to manage all the activities related to exams is not an easy task. From finalising the examination dates of each class to allotting rooms, everything has to be done within a certain period of time. There is a lot of pressure on the teachers and the other staff of the school during exams. The School Management Software eases out this process of exam management to a large extent. Let’s see how it...

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Blogging is a great way to make money online if you have something informative to say and share with the world. It might not be the quickest of ways, but if you are patient and consistent with your content, you will definitely get to see the results eventually. But, before knowing how to make money online through blogging, you need to know what blogging is! To get an idea about that, read on!   What is blogging? Blogging is nothing but sharing your thoughts with the world through an online platform. It can either be a website or a free blogging platform like Wordpress and Blogspot. It started out as just...

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library management

Library management is not an easy job. From maintaining all the records to calculating the fine that the students have to pay, a librarian has to do it all. The School Management Software makes the job of a librarian comparatively much easier. He or she doesn’t need a helper to manage all the data anymore. All the tasks can be done conveniently with this library management system. So, let us see in what more ways School Management Software makes library management easy! It stores all the data The first advantage of the library module of the School ERP Software is that it keeps all the records in...

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