Author: Trudy Seeger

Web Accessibility

Although today we are pretty much aware of the essence to make a website improved in terms of user experience, we know a little about web accessibility.  What is web accessibility and how is it connected with the user experience of a website? Well, in layman's words, web accessibility can be defined as the improvisation that you can bring to your website for more user-friendliness. In most of the cases, we focus on the general concepts as well as tactics of enhancing user experience. When it comes to accessibility, the focus should be given to make the website compatible for...

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Local SEO

Most organizations would be focusing on traditional SEO while optimizing their official websites for SERP rankings. However, it could be pretty challenging for local brands and businesses to compete with established national brands that have always been investing religiously in their SEO campaigns. That is primarily the reason why it is critical for smaller organizations to concentrate on local SEO. As per, “In 2017,  over 40% of consumers used local search to find nearby businesses at least, once a week and 12% used it daily.” Today, numerous customers have realized the importance of local search for discovering reliable local businesses;...

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