5 Mainstream IoT App Development Trends for 2019

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a well-known term in the market today. The world we live in today is so interconnected that most of its credit goes to IoT. It has ensemble itself so well that it is accepted not only technically but also socially by all people. Companies are investing hugely in order to get themselves complete with IoT technology. It’s a hot topic and would continue to be so even in 2019!

Fact Alert –As per the report by Gartner, it predicts that the number of connected things in use will hit 14.2 billion in 2019, and grow to 25 billion by 2021.”

This clearly explicates that IoT would continue to be the trend of experimentation as more and more segments of the industries are looking to explore it. There have been certain areas where IoT played the charm and got companies to do wonders in their fields like Smart house, Smart wearable, Healthcare industry and many more. The technology concept had made such a wave in the industry that even business owners are willing to overcome numerous IoT challenges and set up IoT applications.

Moving on to the current year, IoT still holds many unexplored opportunities that were not cultivated in 2018 but will definitely be the talk of the industry in 2019. Let’s take you through the top 5 mainstream IoT app development trends that will rule in 2019.

1) Superior Security

With the increase in the use of IoT devices, there are high chances of price falling down for IoT enabled devices. With this, more and more companies, irrespective of sizes, large, mid, or small size, would take their chance to try IoT in their offerings. While this obviously is a piece of good news, but it welcomes the question of security of IoT devices.

2018 was the year of a question mark on the security of IoT devices, but 2019 is expected to bring better software patching in IoT offerings that would uplift the security. Other than just software, hardware-level security might also start to be taken into consideration, predominantly for those applications dealing with sensitive data.

This is planned to achieve by ensuring only trusted operating systems or applications are processed through both the hardware and software that helps in eradicating the malicious stretch of botnets and other threats.

To ensure superior security of the application, you need to associate with a reliable IoT application development company that has crucial knowledge of security vulnerabilities and ways to combat those.

2) Artificial Intelligence

Despite being spread like a fire in 2018, companies could not take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence for their business improvement purpose. Nonetheless, 2019 is sure to bring multiple possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in IoT app development.

Again due to the low cost of IoT devices and infrastructure, many organizations have started to build their networks beyond what they are designed to execute and process. Here, AI fulfils the purpose of existence and acts as the gap between collecting the data and utilizes it beyond its capabilities.

Other than above-mentioned criteria of AI, it also enables better image processing, video analytics. Many organisations are investing only in AI rather than more sensors to derive the exceptional value of the collected data by AI.

3) Automation

Users’ expectation has risen to a level where all they want is automation in whatever they do. With IoT devices expanding at a highlighting rate, there had been growth in the automation of IoT devices as well.

Fact Alert: According to our November 2018 Mobility Report, by 2024, the number of connected devices is forecasted to exceed 22 billion.

In the coming time, more and more IoT enabled devices connected will continue to increase the complexity. Thus automation is the only support that would enable end to end automated services since the team would be incapable of managing all devices manually due to sheer volume. This would also create security hassles which again is impossible to maintain for all devices manually.

When it comes to automation, you need to forge a partnership with a reliable software development company that can identify your business requirements and develop an application to automate your key business process. This would help you to reduce cost and increase business efficiency.

4) Cloud Technology

From above write up it’s quite obvious that there would be an impeccable number of interconnected devices in 2019. However, this brings attention to the storage of data that is going to be extracted from these many devices.

Though cloud computing had its own challenges in 2018 like no fast and continuous connectivity, especially required in connected vehicles or installations in remote areas; delay in sending data, non-compatibility of certain applications for processing; high storage costs.

2019 has come up with ‘Edge Computing’. This would enable movement of a part of the storage and data processing around the periphery of the network, close to sensors and connected objects. It will play an important role since it is an intelligent system that is built with chips used to optimize machine learning and bring on instant solutions.

5) Outgrow of Smart Device

IoT has enabled the popularity of connected devices. However, 2019 will show an increase in usage of these IoT enabled devices. It comes with the advantage of automation, data security, ease of access and more giving it an edge up in the market and so amongst the users.

Providing a bundle of services through one device is what that makes it popular and high in demand. Highly popular in the healthcare industry, it is now expected to see its usage increase in other fields like manufacturing, supply chain, automotive, hospitality, and education industry.


To conclude, 2019 has just started and we are not sure what to expect in terms of any upcoming digital trends. But we know that there are many trends that are yet to be utilized to its fullest potential. IoT being one of them was given a shout out in 2018 is now set to rule in 2019.

Though it has given a jest of smart homes, smart devices last year already but it also cleared the mirror of possible challenges that we are sure would be covered this year bringing immense benefits to both business and users.

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