10 technology innovations that changed the film industry?

Our generation witnessed technology evolving at a speed greater than we thought in the wildest of our imaginations. I’m talking about the Millennials! Concepts that merely existed in movies, restricted to the screens are a living reality now. We have seen the Internet evolve from dial-up to cable connections like ones offered by my Cox service. We have also seen the transformation of our homes into smart versions of themselves. Flying cars no longer seem fantasy. Wow, what an age to be alive. However, when all these concepts were mere imaginations shown in movies, there was a lot that went into portraying these concepts on screen. And with passing time, the evolution of technology changed the film industry as well.

Here are all the technological innovations that brought about a change in the film industry.

Filming the Future

Originally, the typical movie standards allowed 24 frames to be shot per second. However, this changed when movies like ‘The Hobbit’ featured 48 frames per second. What made this possible? The Red One Digital cameras. These cameras are revolutionizing the whole film industry and the way the scenes are shot. They have helped to eliminate the 35-mm camera. These cameras have also helped to introduce a lighter and portable alternative without compromising on the quality of the image, of course. The results have been overwhelming for both the filmmakers and the viewers. The former does not need to carry heavy equipment everywhere. While the latter get to watch everything in a better resolution.

Multiple Screens

The introduction of multiple screens has changed the way people watch films as well. The streaming services for mobile screens and even tablets. This makes it very convenient for individuals to watch movies whenever and wherever they wish to. Hence, making watching movies more fun than before. One can now find entertainment on a plethora of platforms.


One of the best innovations is the way movie studios have started replacing energy-consumptive methods of filming with eco-friendly solutions. Some examples include using LED lights and opting for solar powered installations on movie sets.


The transition from film to digital cameras remains one of the biggest moves in the film industry so far. Because of the introduction of DSLR, the production time as well as the expenses reduced. Introduction of DSLR meant that recordings were no longer saved on chemical but memory cards.


In 1916, one of the most exciting introductions in the world of films happened- Technicolor. This allowed filmmakers to record movies in color. So, the viewers could view colorful pictures on the screen rather than the boring black and white ones.

Pixar Era

The application of computer graphics was yet another milestone when it comes to innovations in the film industry. Pixar along with Disney joined forces to bring to the audience Computer Animation Production System. The animated movies have not been the same ever since.

Autonomous Drones

These bad boys have changed the way we view the world, haven’t they? Starting from the basics, the drones to have come a long way when it comes to technology. The most recent ones come with in-built algorithms and knowledge.

4k + 3D Technology

4k refers to details and loads of it. With the introduction of VR, the world discovered a new way to watch movies. Now adding the 4k and 3D technologies just up the game. The visual effects that these technologies add are rather mesmerizing.

Smartphone Gear

The smartphone filmmaking gear has eased the filmmakers. They no longer have to carry bulky equipment with them all the time. In fact, many short films and documentaries are filmed using smartphone gear. They are easy and convenient to use. The quality is not compromised either.

Dual Camera VR

These cameras are way different from the typical movie cameras. They capture or shoot films in all directions. Companies like Google are working more on the upgrade of these cameras. A headset is required to shoot a 360-degree view and present it to the audience.

Woah! Technology has brought about great changes. And none of them are bad ones. I mean all changes have brought about a positive effect. Even the cable service providers have up their game and started providing the viewers with options to view TV in HD and 4k qualities. In case, you are not aware of your company does the same, you can always visit the website. That is if you do not have a goldfish memory and tend to forget passwords soon. I, recently, had to log into my account and did not remember the password. Eventually had to opt for the Cox Internet Packages on their site to continue. However, most companies now offer the option of 3D and 4k and the chances that your service provider does not are rare.

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