Web Design and Instagram: Lessons to Create a Successful Website

According to, Instagram has one billion users. Most of the major brands are well aware of the significance of becoming adaptable. Right from the content to the logos, keeping almost everything fresh and perfect is the topmost priority. Updating the logo as well as the overall design is worthwhile because it is extremely important for the brands who are interested in capturing the attention of the audiences and keeping them interested. It does not matter whether the business is capable of dealing with all the challenges, certain important lessons should be learned by the website owners from the important social media platforms like Instagram.


After a particular time period, it is necessary to give your website the proper makeover that it requires. Incorporating the various diverse aspects associated with web design and constantly being up to date with the different design trends is extremely important for beating the competitors. It is true that a bold design can stand out easily, but even a small change, as well as refinement, is going to help in creating the best possible logo, which will be able to conform to your brand’s aesthetics. You will also have the freedom to completely overhauling the entire site or make a drastic change. Even the reputed platform, Instagram, has changed its logo a few years back.


Functionality is perhaps one of the most significant components of the ideal web design and you cannot deny the fact that Instagram is continuously identifying the ways of enhancing the experience of the users, with the help of icons and backdrops that can be recognized instantly. This is responsible for seamless user experience and also enhances the likelihood of the followers of your brand. The functionality of Instagram has changed in comparison to what it was in the year 2010 when it was introduced to the world.


Minimalism in your web design is responsible for addressing the requirements of people who are interested in a clear web space without getting overwhelmed by the unnecessary additions and contents. If your brand is creating a site or improving the one that is present, you need to avoid the over-saturated designs, which are responsible for reducing the total time that your audience or followers spend on the website. Minimalism is the best approach that Instagram always keeps on the mind. Brands can also get real followers for Instagram from the reputed websites.

Focal point

You need to consider the following focal points that have been listed below.

  • The most important focal point of the visual platforms Instagram is displaying the photos of the users. Instagram has used a simple web design and accomplished this easily.
  • Irrespective of the kind of website that you have, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is a particular interest area. This should involve the various aspects of the business that you are interested in highlighting.
  • Try to place the products and services conspicuously so that the navigation is capable of leading your audience to what you want them to view.


There is no denying the fact that Instagram is extremely dynamic and the impact is going to be determined by the willingness that you have of trying new things. Instagram has maintained its relevance as well as competitiveness by making certain strategic changes. Even you should be doing the same for your brand.


If you want to know as to how you can follow the dynamism of Instagram, you need to take care of the tips that have been mentioned above. You also need to have further knowledge as to how Instagram marketing can help in boosting the business of web designing.

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