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Look Into Some Of The Top-Notch Social Media Sites To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Social media websites are always used to drive more traffic insanely to blog if you are actually associated with a good social media-based marketing strategy. But, it can always drive some fair amount of traffic if you are just submitting blog posts regularly to the social media based profiles. Social media based traffic is always noted to be quite important as organic traffic right from search engines as you cannot rely on Google quite alone. They will always continue to just push algorithms updates just like Penguin, panda and even the next one in the lot called Giraffe.

It means that people are likely to be diversifying in the ways you might get traffic. There are some of the top-notch social media and other sites available, that you must not ignore or must use a major part of social media-based marketing strategy. Even though the traffic quality of social media cannot be matched with that of the organic one, it is always very important. It can always help you to keep the current bounce rate low, which is presumably noted to be one of the multiple ranking signals as used by Google. you can get a glimpse of this idea straight from Gramista right now.

  • Starting it off with Facebook:

Facebook has not just transformed the way in which people used to connect over the world, but it has now made possible for the businesses to just get some of the products across to the mass audience in a win-win sensational manner. With over billions of active users under this platform, it is considered as the largest possible social networking website of all time. You get the chance to leverage the FB friends and then share the blog posts on a regular basis with FB friends and even the fan base.

  • Next stop has to be Twitter:

Once you are sure of Facebook, Twitter happens to form the second ever and most popular social network, mainly for the art of micro-blogging. In case, the content is viral in nature, then Twitter will help in bringing massive traffic to website or blog in no time.

  • LinkedIn is the next stop:

LinkedIn happens to be the professional networking website of the best lot with more than 100 million active users. The traffic quality happens to be better than that of Twitter and Facebook as it is widely used by the pros looking for business opportunities or job. If you want, you can try out the LinkedIn Groups, which are designed to discover with some of the like-minded professionals and then join discussions.

  • Pinterest is the next one:

Pinterest is one of the biggest things that have happened to the social media environment just after Twitter. As per some of the technical articles, Pinterest helps in driving some more traffic when compared to YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn when combined. In case, the blog posts from your side have better quality images then you must not ignore Pinterest at all. All you have to do is just Pin the images to the Pinterest right under right category and it can always send quality traffic to you as the users are known to lucratively spend money than Twitter or FB.

  • Now for Google+:

Google+ is noteworthy stated to be Google’s answer to Facebook. Even though it is widely noted as the social network you would not call to be a social networking website. But like it was said always, it is vital to share the blog posts on Google+ as social signals, which are now used for ranking the web pages. If you now know that Google will provide importance to authors. Therefore, they are using data from Google+ profiles. If you end up being popular on this social media channel then the posts are most likely to be right at the top of the chart or list.

  • Reddit for your use:

When Digg failed drastically, it was Reddit that survived. It is not the Twitter or FB that killed Digg but Reddit did it. If you ever end up constructing a content which happens to be viral in nature, then Reddit will be the one to send you massive traffic that you have asked for. All you have to do is ensure that you use social media based timing signals for sharing accurate content just at the right time.

  • StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is one social media platform, which might not be that popular like Twitter or FB, but definitely has a strong hold over followers and members. This social bookmarking platform is used for sending good traffic during initial blogging periods. It is really hard to pinpoint the number of active users on this platform even though research shows somewhat around 20 million, which is not a small number. It is not going to take you more than 5 minutes to just share the web page on this social bookmarking platform, so it is worth giving a try. You don’t have any liberty to miss out on any possible signal opportunity to send traffic for sure.

  • MySpace for you now:

MySpace might not have that stronghold as it used to during the initial days but it is included as one of the most popular examples of social networking sites. In the year 2006, it even surpassed Google as the most visited website on a survey done in the USA. So, it is safe to add the name in this list as well.

  • Hacker News is a good one:

Hacker news is mainly a community of entrepreneurs, programmers and even digital ninjas who used to share anything to gratify intellectual curiosity. So, now you have the time to share content from across the web and can get the chance to comment on some of the popular threads for promoting your blogs.

These are a few of the many spaces for you to try out when you are planning to build your website. The more you research, the better deals you will come up with for sure.

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