Fight off your creative block by following these innovative ideas for creating content on Instagram

Are you not sure about what you should post on Instagram today or do not have any good idea for posting for the days ahead? Every blogger who promotes his blog through Instagram has faced this situation. You go through your entire camera roll to locate something useful, but you cannot find anything there which you can post and all that you find there are old photos or personal photos of you and your friends. You cannot use these photos on your Instagram. In this article, you will be learning about some innovative ideas to use as content for your Instagram feed.

Facing creative blockage

In order to increase your influence on Instagram and stand out, it is necessary for you always to share top quality content which goes with the blog that you want to promote. There will, of course, be times when our mind faces certain creative blocks; our schedules can also become so difficult that we do not find time for figuring out the type of contents that we need to post in Instagram. You have to find ways to go around this and always have interesting content for Instagram and to tag your friends and followers in. If you feel stuck, then you can follow the ideas mentioned in this article about what you can post on Instagram.

  1. Tutorials – You need to find things that you can teach through photographs. For instance, if you blog about beauty products, then you can consider posting about how to line eyebrows in the best manner. You can ask any woman who does not have perfect and neat bushy eyebrows, and they will tell you how essential it is to do the eyebrows correctly. You can share creative tips on how they should use their favourite products. Your goal is to boost engagement and keep audiences coming back to seek your help.

  1. Inspire the followers to go out and do something – You should understand that exercising can affect the brain a lot. Only about thirty minutes of exercising will improve the cognitive functions, lower the levels of anxiety, boost up your mood and increase the memory retain capability. Because technology is such an important part of our daily lives today, so a lot of people spend a lot of time in front of their phones or laptops. You can inspire people and motivate them to go out and exercise and set some examples for them by posting photos of exercising.

  1. Favourite holidays – You can relive a favourite holiday like experience when you do not know what else you should be posting on Instagram. Share photos of your favourite places on certain holidays. This is an effective method for using old content and boosting engagement. Instagram is mainly about promoting certain lifestyles, and you should choose locations that made you really happy. You can write about road trips, planning certain trips and so on.

  1. Your gear – If you write travel blogs or sports blogs, then you could post content about your favourite gear. Gear for travel bloggers would mean uploading photos of your rucksack, your camera and how you pack your bag, your shoes for hiking, your warm clothes and so on. You can post photos to show that these are the things that you take on your trips in order to show people how they need to pack and what are the things they need to have. For sports bloggers, similarly, it will be the essential sports equipment that they must have in their kitbags.

  1. Daily routine in the mornings – One of the most important things that you will have to focus on is your self-care. You also need to inspire others to do the same. Do remember not to ignore these things. You need to include these things in your Instagram feed. You can post photos of your morning workout or your plan for the day and so on.

  1. Your breakfast meal – One of the most important aspects of our daily lives is the breakfast that we take. These foods are not only delicious for eating but will also look good when you click their photos properly. You can consider taking these photos with some effects and edits to add to the shot. These photos will help you in getting more engagement and increase your connection base. You can share nutritious ideas for boosting your engagement from health-conscious users also.

  1. Photos of your workplace – One of the best ideas for boosting more connections is through posting photos of your workstation. As a blogger, your workstation will basically include your laptop and your desk. You can click pictures of where and how you work and show people some behind the scenes photos. These photos help in increasing the human element in your photos as people will learn about the person who is behind the Instagram profile and is running it.

  1. Photos of your food –Food blogging is highly popular and even if you are not a food blogger you can still post beautiful pictures of your meals on Instagram to boost engagement and interaction. All you have to do is ensure that the photos you click are good and beautiful to look at.

You need to follow these ideas whenever you face a block in your creative mind about content ideas to post on Instagram. It will be important for you to increase the number of followers who follow your feed on Instagram. You can visit in order to learn more about how you can get more Instagram followers.


Instagram is the most effective social media platform for promoting your blog. But if you ever feel like that you do not have the right ideas for posting your content on Instagram, then you can follow the ideas mentioned here for increasing engagement. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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