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How School ERP is Preparing Schools for the Future!

School ERP makes the strenuous task of managing schools a lot simpler and easier. But before we tell you how it does so, you need to know what a School ERP is.

The School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software program which gets all the different sections of school management under a single database.  It has numerous modules including Student Management, Admission Management, Staff Management, Library Management, Bus Management etc. All of these modules manage their respective departments.

The School ERP has simplified school management to a large extent. It, in a way, is preparing schools for the future that is for taking them to newer heights.

But, how does it exactly make the schools future ready? Let us see!

  1. It makes the system more efficient by integrating all of the departments together. So, whether a student needs to check the daily schedule or pay the fees, it can be done just by using this software. Similarly, for the teachers, they can check their attendance as well as give assignments to students and do various other works with it. As far as the school authorities are concerned, they can manage the whole school, right from deciding on the everyday activities to managing the staff and the students, sitting at one place.
  2. The School ERP also lets the parents get more involved with the whole education system. With this software, the parents can easily keep a check on the daily progress of their children. They get to know how their children are performing and also if they are improving in any way or not.
  3. The School ERP ensures the safety and security of the students. It contains all the information regarding the school buses, the drivers and the routes through which the buses travel. In case of any delay, the parents are immediately informed through messages.
  4. It gives a boost to the overall productivity of the institution. Since all the day-to-day tasks such as keeping attendance, maintaining various reports, managing exams/results are simplified, the school authority, the staff and the students can work together in a much more comfortable manner for the betterment of the school.

At Vasp Technologies, our School ERP, Desalite Connect does all this and much more. From managing the staff and the students to supervising all of their activities, Desalite Connect makes each of these responsibilities easy and less time consuming.

It has several modules, including Student, Staff, Library, Exam/Result, Time Table etc. All of these modules manage their respective departments. 

Let us know more about how they do so!


Exam times are the most hectic times for any school. The examination dates have to be finalised for every class, the rooms need to be allotted, the teachers have to be assigned for exam duties and a list of many other tasks have to be compiled and carried out before exams. Our software, Desalite Connect helps in carrying out all of these duties in the quickest and the simplest of ways. All one needs to do is enter all the data and the requirements in the application.


Managing a school library is a tough job. A librarian has to maintain records of all the books issued and their due return dates as well. The library module of Desalite Connect simplifies the job of a librarian to a huge extent. It keeps all the data, right from the book issued to a student to its return date to the fine that is needed to be paid if the student is late in returning the book. It also makes the whole process easier as the students/teachers can check the status of their books online from anywhere. It notifies them about their book return date and also the fine when needed.


The Fee Module of Desalite Connect keeps all the fee related data of a school or college. Here, one can see all the necessary information related to fee collection such as the details of fee paid, pending fees and the various concessions given. It includes everything in a systematic manner, right from the amount of fee collected over a year to the monthly collection details to the student wise collection data.


Attendance management is one of the most taxing chores of running an organisation. There is always this possibility of someone cheating or someone giving proxy attendance for friends. However, the attendance module of Desalite Connect automatically stores all the attendance details while not leaving any place for miscalculations or fake attendance. Thus, whether one is a student or a teacher, there is no place for any deception. Also, it becomes rather simple to calculate the total attendance of a student or a teacher for a definite period of time. While estimating the salary of a teacher, the number of leaves taken by him or her can easily be calculated.

Now you have an idea of how the software program works. Other than the above mentioned departments, there are numerous other sections which Desalite Connect manages, such as Certificate Management, Inventory Management, Laboratory Management, HR Management, School Bus Management, Feedback Management etc.

So, when it is said that School ERP or in this case, Desalite Connect prepares schools for the future, what is meant is that it has made the whole complicated process of school management rather uncomplicated. What were once considered to be taxing tasks such as keeping the daily attendance records, managing exam schedules, staff reports or even inventory can now be done with the click of the mouse or a tap on your smartphone. Considering what the past was, the present has become a lot more stress-free. And going by how the School ERP is constantly being worked on and improved, it is safe to say that the future is only going to get brighter!

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